di Pio Paul DeBonis · Sabato 8 dicembre 2012
snow...let it snow cold wind blow ice the windows icy shingles snow,,,please snow I  have no place to go just let me have snow please don't rain what an icy pain just let it snow llet the winds blow ice hanging from the tree boughs of snow for all to see what true Christmas treat snow upon my head and feet warm chestnuts ...what a treat sit by a fire and warm our feet I think I will sit and eat just give me snow...Christmas sweet snow...snow let  me have snow to satisfy my Christmas soul
Why Islam?
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Venerdė 14 settembre 2012
Why Islam? Why do you preach hate why do you want all the world to become Islamic Your Quaran spews nothing but Islamic domination and hate   why Islam ? do you want to treat woman as slaves keep them from being educated treat them as slaves   Why Islam? Do you fear democracy fear free thought fear progress   Why Islam? Why Islam? your cruelty and ignorance spell out your doomed to failure   Your fall will be a triumph of the greater good of hunanity may you all visit Muhammed in hell or any other filthy place he rests   Long live freedom  
A man of honor
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Martedė 24 aprile 2012
Where  is that man that man of honor whose word is his bond who has no false promises   does this man exist anymore   A man that is fearless a man with vision not afraid of public opinion a man of direction and purpose   does that man exist anymore   a father to guide us like George Washington a leader to pull us together like Abe Lincoln a man of the people like Franklin Rosevelt a visionary like Thomas Jefferson   does that man exist anymore   the country needs direction we need to regain our integrity we need  a uniter not a devider someone with a sense of humanity   does that man exist anymore   if he does please step forward the ship of state is sinking throw us a line and a life preserver  quick
Geometric Love
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Lunedė 23 aprile 2012
Oh how I want to get perpendicular with you horizontal or vertical either wll do we can form different anglles acute,obtuse and right angles too Oh how I want to touch your round  circles run my hand in your luscious triangle gently run my fingers along those wavy hips and curves you can make my cone wiggle Oh how I long to have our lines intersect all our sguares and rectangles connect wether parallel or intersecting our love connects lets get together and get geometrical How many geometric figures can our lovemaking form let's find out...i'll bring a protractor
Sunday with my father
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Venerdė 20 aprile 2012
Sunday was the day I would spend with my father We would awaken and enjoy breakfast cooked by my mother It was for our large family and not a bother Mother toiled with pots and pans Smell of fresh meat sauce and roasted peppers would fill the air We had our breakfast and would go out and stroll the neighborhood Our area was all Italian and we had all Italian stores We would walk and smell the aroma of all the delicacies We would go to the park where the men played Boci and cards  for money We loved to watch the action and the colorful characters They would laugh one minute or curse each other the next This was my day with my Dad...A day of treats Ice Cream,Candy,Soda...he was very generous When the bells in St Martin Church rang for 12 noon Time for us to go home and enjoy our Sunday meal Every Sunday we would go to Artuso Pastry and buy Pastries and Cookies My father believed Sunday must be grander than any other day of the week If you ate like any other day you were disrespecting Gods Day He was so right....God  must br respected on his day I wish I could have the chance to spend another Sunday with my father
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Mercoledė 7 dicembre 2011
I awoke rubbing my eyes head turned up facing the sky energy spent and a hint of a scent   I smell lilac scratches on my back warm loins spent from the groins   was it real  what was the deal succubus  or nymph leaving me limp   strange sensations ravaged by a manifestation will it strike again who can tell where and when   ravaged savagely by something of mystery it is not very wise to answer unknown cries   It may be a Manifestation
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Martedė 25 ottobre 2011
Bright sunshine brings long shadows some are long but only in time some have always been there like the shadow of death   death has no mercy but casts a long shadow it follows you from the day you are born forever chasing its prey do not slow down or it may overtake you   the dead have shadows too they lurk in dark places homes,graveyards,churches and battlefields most people fear the shadows...Do you????   the shadow is fearsome to some others search for shadows in dark places don't fear the shadows they are just traces   traces of love,life,trajedy shadows of battles won and lost I read shaows so I can learn shadows can reveal so much
I guess I can't anymore
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Sabato 2 luglio 2011
I guess I can't anymore walk too slow perhaps stop too often no fun to hang with   Who knows I guess I can't anymore   traveled here and there walked in hail,snow and sleet can't go to Busch Gardens for a feast to eat   I don't know I guess I can't anymore   there must be a time to shoot lame horses this horse can't run this horse can't work just one can blame you   I don't knw I guess I can't anymore   it is more humane to end misery than to replace the horse and just let him limp along send him to where he belongs   I don't know  I guess I can't anymore   Make room for the lame horse I think he will run till he drops bet on him I guess he can
Questionable at best
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Venerdė 1 luglio 2011
your love Questionable at best room for doubt food for thought   your desires Questionable at best for what for whom   your thoughts for Questionable at best cupcakes wives   what you say  Questionable at best Questionable at best Questionable at best
The Serpent
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Venerdė 24 giugno 2011
The bible tells us of a serpent He is quite a sweet talker Talked Eve into taking the apple Apple from the tree of Wisdom   Who was this Serpent? Was it a snake? Was it a Dragon? Or perhaps it was a Dinosaur?   Think about it A serpent could be a Dinosaur A Dinosaur talks eve into eating an apple Let your mind grasp that thought   Suppose Eve represents Mankind The Apple symbolic of great evil thoughts The Dinosaur the great evil perhaps The Bible teaches us lessons doesn't it   Mankind is Innocent until the day they get knowledge Knowledge from the Apple that bears evil thoughts The evil thoughts from the great evil...Dinosaurs When man learns of Dinosaurs the evil is revealed   Man asks questions Where did Dinosaurs come from no where in the Bible are T-Rex's Why are there things before Eve...Adam...Serpent   Just food for thought evil thoughts some believe so But I call it thinking outside the box   Try it sometime
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Giovedė 23 giugno 2011
where is all the space open space room to roam does it really exist   we need space  we need to stare into it open our minds and step into it experience the space of time and mind   stare into space see things that are hidden there no need to understand it is space and space is infinite   the mind is infinite it has space space full of dreams dreams of infinite space and time   I love space I wonder into space all the time use your minds and enjoy the space
Paradise Found
di Pio Paul DeBonis Venerdė 10 giugno 2011
 As we grow older and closer to our demise I think we become more much more wise we search for the truth from a world of lies It is difficult to see through these old eyes We search for love and paradise the truth gripping our mind like a vyse Friends,family and love so rare we may have it all and even a tear we seek paradise like the Garden of Eden We lose sight of the wonders we have been given earth,sky,wind,rain,sun and moon and the warmth of loves tender tune We look for Paradise near and far We think that it may be near the furthest star Turn around and you will see Paradise is here for you and me
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Giovedė 21 aprile 2011
what can you say about Lee she is oh so dear to me we live so happily  in our little by the sea what can you say about Lee she is so devoted to me she would sail the seven seas just to be there to help me what can you say about Lee she is as solid as an oak tree her love is strong for me as anyone can see what can you say about Lee she is a beautiful dream to me I often think it can not be but this dream belongs to me what can you say about Lee plenty more i'm telling thee love my Lee
Time to rock the casbah
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Lunedė 11 aprile 2011
 Is it time to rock the casbah people want change tired of poverty tired of the same old Allah all they want is freedom to live above poverty own a piece of dirt of their own moslem extremist fan the flames the motives are not for the true faith the motive is to spread the hate maybe they need a hand to spank their asses out of their land the time I think has come to rock the casbah's villainsto knigdom come let us set those people free lets rock the casbah has to be I would rock the casbah let loose the doves of freedom but to free you must first destroy the religion of hatred...peace,love and joy Time to rock the it's rotten core Armageddon?...the end or the beginning of a world free of hatred go ahead rock that casbah rock it hard and rock it good
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Lunedė 11 ottobre 2010
Will my legacy be wisdom or my acts of bravery will it be my outcome or my dear memory   will it be my pain or my resolve will it be my passion or great love   let mine be joy I spread not a statue or testimonial my compassion not dread please ...easy on the funeral   My legacy is my life love that I spread battle against strife be kind to the dead   hope I left a great legacy if not I will not despair I lived as best as I could  as a man should    my legacy
Ferry Plantation House
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Lunedė 9 agosto 2010
walls speak they say many things they tell tales of love tales of sorrow they speak in voices those of children those of slaves those of masters each tell the tale of a home of a place of rest of a place of history open your ears listen to the walls and the voices within they tell all fear not the walls just want there tale told they want the world to know Ferry Plantation House was a home with a history to be told walls speak I hear you tell me more
Can You Hear America Sing
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Mercoledė 12 maggio 2010
The song of the Pilgrims Freedom to pray In the way you choose and also the day Can you hear America sing The song of our fore fathers all men are created equal freedom of speech and press freedom to bare arms Can you hear America sing Civil strife...Brother versus Brother Reconstruction...westward ho A nation grows and becomes a power and a conscience they heard America sing they had that puritan ethic that sense of the brother hood of man they believed that song of freedom they were willing to fight to defend it Can you hear America sing I hear it...don't you? there's a beautiful Lady in the Harbor that sings it send your tired,weak and hungry and America will sing for you too
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Lunedė 10 maggio 2010
Intrinsically beautiful that of a mother for a child the love for fine music the love a poet has for the word or syllable It comes in all shapes and forms love of of science those that love pain as well as those that love giving it there are those who have none they know not the beauty of they care for none there are none who love them love does live it lives in the hearts of lovers in the hearts of mothers and little children it lives in the spirit of men long live love may she forever infiltrate the hearts of hunanity long live the spirit of love through love man can save itself from self-destruction Love try it
What does Al Qaeda stand for????
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Venerdė 7 maggio 2010
What does Al Qaeda stand for? I hear you are terrorist Who do you frighten woman and children You never actually fight anyone not face to face like the true crusaders of Saladin You and the Taliban should be wearing the burkas not the woman.... to hide your shame You can't be martyrs and recieve virgins that is a privalege reserved for true muslim martyrs not cowards that kill woman and children. come to the Bronx some time and let us put you through the streets. Oh I forgot you just scare woman and children and not men you know what happens to terrorists in America they get trialed and punished....capitally
 Reflections on my Fifty-third Birthday
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Mercoledė 24 marzo 2010
Fifty -three Just a number to me A year older Probably not any wiser I may not be well but I sure lived life well I ate ate and drank My stomach like a bottomless tank I loved the bread Cake went to my head I may not have health I did live a life of wealth Rich in wine ,woman and song Rich in friends who came along A wealth of family and love And perhaps an Angel up above Fifty-three is just a number to me I'll take it
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Martedė 9 marzo 2010
why does man hate why does man hurt why does man do pain why does man not care about his brother they fight wars rape woman kill children reap the harvest of the evil where are the good where are the honest where are the noble and virtuous God Why is it so why do you not intervene why do you let the evil exist hear our pleas Lord at least let us know why why is it so can you hear us do you exist and if so then Why?
Thump Thump
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Martedė 6 ottobre 2009
Thump ....thump...thump the heart beats ever faster with each step amplified thump...thump... thump thump ...thump...thump is it fear of the unknown or is it the sense of the unseen thump...thump...thump thump....thump...thump the heart beats faster the eyes grow sharper thump....thump....thump thump ...thump...thump the hand reaches in the dark feels the cold rsush of air thump...thump...thump thump...thump....thump nothing to fear nothing is there thump...thump...thump just a scare
Have You Ever Seen Me?
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Venerdė 2 ottobre 2009
Have you ever seen me laugh or cry? Did you see me walk my first steps? Or watch me walk down an aisle to recieve an award. Have you seen me struggle as a child? ever give me comfort or assurance? provide me with shelter from a storm? I think not all I want to know is why? Why not for me? I tried to make you notice me. So,have you ever really seen me? No? Let me tell you that I really did shine! Sorry you missed it. Your loss
I Seek
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Venerdė 2 ottobre 2009
Birds seek grain... they seek the warm rays of the sun They seek the cool winds of the ocean The serene waters of a glorious lake or pond They know what they seek They find it Can I ?????
Remeber Me???
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Venerdė 2 ottobre 2009
I was there always in the background picked you up when you fell kissed the hurt away wiped the tears away Always just there in the background cheering you on cheering you up guarding you from the pain of the world Always just in the background not asking for anything not praise not reward maybe just recognition Still in the background still there becoming very invisible becoming very alone guess the background disappeared
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Giovedė 28 maggio 2009
Oh,rosso,bianco,e blu Guarda intorno a te La gente ha perdutto le case Evangelisti pieni di Super Residenze Nero,bianco....giallo....rosso Tutti i colori incutono Spavento Il civile non riposa...rebellione per le strade La guerra di razza e' cominciata dall' elite. Una volta tanti alti saluti I grandi del mondo Hanno firmato cosi In ogni dove tu guardi Una nazione sotto Dio Adesso e' solo zolla Tre allegre per il rosso,il bianco e blu Dio ti ama...c'era una volta la verita.
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Giovedė 28 maggio 2009
La speranza sorge eterna Adesso,questa e' una risata Cosa la speranza porta? Ridere della speranza E' come perdere la vita Perdere l'anima Perdere la mente. La povera speranza Sicuro fa qualcosa di bouno La poverta cresce in America Tu non puoi mangiare speranza La speranza porta lacrime Le lacrime la delusione Le lacrime della solitudine Chi ha bisogno di lacrime Chi ha bisogno di speranza? Non io.
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Giovedė 28 maggio 2009
La terra della Liberta ha le Lacrime agli occhi Ha le tasche piene Politici Bugiardi Mercati escrementi come razzi nordcoreani Il dollaro vale meno di un dollaro Auto che non si vendono Vedi tu come urlare La fine e' vicina tu non puoi parlare Le nostre coste non sono benvenute Noi costruiamo recinti per cacciare il messicano Noi combattiamo guerre aiutati da nessuno Volonta' vecchia gloria ogni attesa di nouva giustizia Signora Liberta' ti prego asciuga i tuoi occhi.
Il Mondo Come Gira
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Giovedė 28 maggio 2009
Gira...Gira turn...turn spin round and round don't stop...keep turning sure I'd like to get off this Carousel this ride has left me disillusioned and unhappy but you turn...turn and I can't jump off Gira...Gira
The Land Of Liberty Has Tears In Its Eyes
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Mercoledė 15 aprile 2009
The land of liberty has tears in its eyes empty pockets politicians lies market dropping like North Korean rockets The dollar not worth a dollar Cars that can't sell makes you want to hollar the end is near can't you tell Our shores no longer welcome we build fences to keep out a Mexican we fight wars supported by no one will old glory ever stand for justice again Lady Liberty wipe your eyes America again shall rise We can transcend all the lies Lady Liberty Please wipe your eyes
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Venerdė 14 gennaio 2011
as I sit and stare into space the mind wanders to another place it stares beyond the walls it travels beyond this home far into the stars beyond this galaxy the clock ticks the second hand moves tick tick tick the mind reaches trying to grasp the universe it filters and sends synapsis telling the body to follow into the great beyond the lungs draw a last breath the voyage is on in quest for the truth and the clock is silent
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Giovedė 13 gennaio 2011
Blood is thicker than water I think that still stands true ..clan a greater bond than no other   my blood runs red so does yours put it in your head we all bleed red we are all brothers    we are the brotherhood of man we share the same wonder of creation every religion every nation   why must we hate our brother why must we kill our children rob our brothers rape our sisters   when will learn that blood binds us all it is our human link when we all learn we are one blood love and humanity can be our human link   there's a lot of hate in the world much more than love lets try to show humanity teach the world to love   I bleed red don't you?
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Giovedė 13 gennaio 2011
2012 don't make me laugh Mayan doomsday prophecy you have a better chance of winning the lottery   everyone loves a good tale of destruction the 500 Mormonns waiting for the resurrection Christians...Moslems  right on line behind them   Book of Revelations would read better on acid just the ramblings of a hermit hating the Romans and living in a cave   Let us not forget Nostradamus there is a man who knew how to damn us disgruntled Frenchman who has fooled us for decades we should see through his charades   I'm tired of hearing about 2012 the would could end tomorrow or a week fom today so let's put the 2012 nonsense away
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Mercoledė 12 gennaio 2011
your black and white you bring such delight you are a pure bred a Shitzu named Fred   you bring us such joy as you play with your toy pass the day away snoring away in the hay   a gentler soul i've never known your love is true there's a hero in you   give me a cookie wheres my food make room on the bed I need a pillow for my head   that's all that need be said about the Shitzu named Fred
Arthur Avenue
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Venerdė 7 gennaio 2011
 Wake up in the morning to the smell of fresh baked bread Proscuitto,bread and a cafe latte for breakfast Dress up for a day of play All just part of an Arthur Avenue day   A run to the market and a slide down the chute Grab a fresh tomato as the men chase you again Laughter of mischievous boys Throwing the tomatoes at each other   Hot chocalate from Charles bakery Pizza and calzones from Catania Pizza play with the crabs at Randazzos fish market watch them kill chickens at the Chicken Market   Satuday go to the Savoy all day for a Quarter Everyday we play stickball Ace,King,Queen off the curb the wall   Just boys at play on the an Arthur Avenue day Pastry from Artuso...slice from Marios Pizza A sausage from D'auria brothers pork store Run up to Kitty's for candy on 183rd street   When I die and I have a wish to be 12 again forever to be roaming Arthur Avenue let's play stickball   How about letting us have last licks
The Angels Did Sing
di Pio Paul DeBonis · Venerdė 3 dicembre 2010
It was a dark night the star it was bright the wind it was calm no need for alarm   hark, did you hear the angels did sing     the sang for the new king they fluttered their wings  the creatures did not awaken the ground had not shaken   hark,did you hear the angels did sing   his message would be clear peace and love everywhere free of war and sin garden of Eden again   hark,did you hear the angels did sing   did they sing who listened not mankind or they have forgotten   hark,did you hear the angels did sing they will sing again amen